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Hi, I’m Anna Sandbank, LCSW, INHC, NBC-HWC

Welcome to Well Within Coaching!

I offer Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching to busy professionals in social work, mental health, allied health, healthcare, coaching, non-profit leadership, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and others in the helping professions.

‘Why Well Within’? Within each of us is a deep and vast well of possibility. Your well holds rich resources for living a healthy and purposeful life. I believe we all want to feel vital, balanced, connected and deeply nourished, but that we often struggle with how. All too often we look outside of ourselves for answers, and a quick fix. Within you right now, you have everything you need for your journey toward health and vitality.

Whether this means more energy to do what you love, effective ways to manage stress, preparing nutritious meals, consistent activity and movement, healthier relationships, greater fulfillment, a more open spirit, or moving from illness to wellness, you have the capacity, well within your reach, to move toward a life of whole health and wellbeing.  

I practice an integrative, holistic approach to health and wellness coaching, which means understanding how all areas of your life are interconnected. Health and wellness from an integrative perspective looks beyond your physical self or biology to “whole-person-centered wellbeing”. This approach focuses on body, mind, spirit, emotions, environment, relationships, mindset and more.




Weekly R&R: Relax & Recharge

8x8 Reset: 8 Pillars of Wellness



90 Day Jumpstart

6 Month Total Transformation

Private Meditation Coaching

Private 1:1 coaching for beginner and experienced meditators

A Health Coach is a partner and guide as you reach your goals and vision, such as:

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

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